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We help business owners accept credit cards, implement cash discount programs, and fund business growth with unique lending solutions.

Free Terminal Placement

Merchant Money has partnered with Total Merchant Services to offer our clients the best terminal placement program in the industry. We have several methods of accepting credit cards from your customers that will meet your business needs.

Traditional Terminal

Point Of Sale

Mobile Payments

Cash Discount Program

Merchant Money has partnered with Paylo. Now you can reduce your processing fees by 90% by charging your customers who use credit card a small customer service fee. This will cover your processing fees charged by the bank.

PayLo’s patented technology that allows merchants to apply a small customer service charge to each sale they make, offsetting their credit card processing costs.

The PayLo Cash Discount software is installed on our payment terminal and encourages customers to pay with cash. If a payment is made with cash, a discount is automatically applied to the sale amount and eliminates the customer service charge. 

Unique Lending Solutions

If the banks are not funding your business growth than you need access to alternative funding sources. We have relationships with several business lending sources. Our lending partners will not consider your personal credit rating when funding your business.

Minimum Lending Requirements


$10,000 in checking account deposits


6 months in business

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