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Welcome to Go Merchant Cash Advance

We are a Founding Member of the North American Merchant Advance Association which provides ethical standards for our industry. With our merchant cash advance, there are no liens or second mortgages against your home or business. It’s quick and it’s easy. There are no fixed payments and you pay us back with your future credit card processing volume. Merchant Money has provided millions to business owners that need fast access to a cash advance. We may provide up to $250,000.00 per location typically within 7 working days.

Reasons Small Business Owners are using Cash Advances to solver their working capital issues.

  • A Cash Advance is a great alternative to a small business loan for merchant with less the perfect credit.
  • If you currently have small business loan with your bank, and you just need some extra working capital to complete a project a business cash advance is a great solution.
  • Currently banks require more assets to be pledged get more money, a business cash advance is a very similar to unsecured business loan. Our business cash advance program can helpful.
  • How does it work? We leverage one of your unitized assets; the future credit card sales of your business. Simply stated; we buy your future credit card transactions today, and we get paid back with a small % of your daily credit card receipts until your advance is paid in full.

    Small business loans are needed to help keep business owners growing their business. The lack of working capital for small business owners is why many merchants are turning to a business cash advance. It is the right solution for thousands of small business owners who cannot get approved for a small business loan.

    We are proud to be the solution for the merchants who need working capital and are having a tough time getting a small business loan from a bank. We hope you will become one of our satisfied clients.

    Get your merchant cash advance now by calling one of our knowledgeable Funding Advisors or email us for Pre–Approval. Do it today! You will be glad you did!